• Who We Are

    Bridge Charter Academy is a tuition free, K-12 home based education program that partners with families to provide innovative learning opportunities, engaging extracurricular options, and a personalized learning experience for every student.

    About Us

    K-8 Program

    Our K-8 program is designed to inspire a love for wisdom and learning both in cohort and at the family home. Our K-8 program starts with an initial enrollment team meeting to collaborate on a personalized learning plan for the student. This meeting is intended for our enrollment team to consider specific interests, learning style...

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    9-12 Program

    Our high school students and their parents will have an initial meeting with our Educational Services Coordinator to collaborate on a personalized learning plan. This plan seeks to establish goals and direction for the student as they begin to take ownership of their education. A course map is laid out for earning the 24 credits required for graduation...

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    Why BCA?

    There are a multitude of reasons for parents and students to partner with BCA in the education of their children. Here are the top ten reasons:

    Top Ten Reasons

  • What We Offer

    “Fueling the fire for learning.” The Bridge Charter Academy is a Personalized Learning School designed to serve the home-based students. The Bridge model is for parents, teachers, and students to collaborate, customize a Learning Plan, and achieve each student's goals. This plan focuses on the student’s learning style, interests, and academic goals.  Bridge will facilitate this personalization with access to: catalyst teachers, an accredited diploma, a spectrum of quality curriculum options, educational software, technology, assessments, and a learning cohort for interaction and encouragement. 
  • Oregon Senator Endorsement:

  • "During a recent visit to the Lowell School District, I heard about what they are doing with their schools and particularly the Bridge Charter Academy. This is a dynamic and cutting-edge approach to education that is desperately needed. Of particular value is its focus in parent education and parent support. The personalized approach that they take is certain to have a significant impact on students and their families. I'm proud to have Lowell SD in my senate district."

    State Sen. Floyd Prozanski

  • Bridge Charter Mission:

    “To maximize parental involvement for students through personalized learning that is rigorous, adaptive, and motivating to produce college and vocational readiness.” Our mission is to take advantage of all available resources to give our children the best education possible.  The design and flexibility of our program allows for direct involvement by parents and the community. We believe strongly this observation from research at Columbia University, "Over 40 years of steadily accumulating evidence show that family involvement is one of the strongest predictors of children's school success...However, resources for and commitments to promoting meaningful family involvement have been few, weak, and inconsistent." (Campaign for Educational Equity, Teachers College, Columbia University).  Our teachers, administration, sponsor district, and school board are committed to this mission.  Enrolling in Bridge provides access to a culture that is technological, innovative, and academically rigorous to prepare students for college and career opportunities. 

  • Testimonials:

  • Ok I have to brag on [my child's] charter school for a minute! He is ROCKING it. He finished All About Spelling Level 1 today! He is spelling words that I wouldn't have imagined he would be able to spell on his own at age 6!

    Bend Campus Parent

  • Having a blast at the Evergreen Space museum today with the Bridge Charter Academy! Our school is so fun! What an amazing place.

    Lowell Campus Parent

  • Every child is different and I love that Bridge Charter home based schooling allows him to move at a personalized pace for each subject. He also still gets classroom time with other children and his teacher each week! The teachers and staff at Bridge Charter are nothing less than amazing.

    Bend Campus Parent

  • BCA Blog

  • Of all the challenges that homeschool presents, one of the toughest challenges is designing a homeschool routine that allows learning to fit the ebb and flow of life. Homeschool rarely happens in a nice, neat classroom with a set schedule of school [...]

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