• What curriculum do you use? 
    We have recommended curriculum that are proven home-school favorites. However, if a family has a preference on curriculum we will also have flexibility to approve other curriculum options. This is obviously a significant aspect of the education process and we want to ensure a personalized fit for each student. Click here for Bridge Charter Academy’s 2019-2020 Endorsed Curriculum List
    Will there be an allotment of funds like other home-school charter programs?
    Every program is different and offers different benefits. The Bridge program is designed to be a full service program providing weekly on-site instruction with a teacher, cohort interaction, curriculum, music, one extra-curricular activity, and technology. Our allotment is $600 per child for the year to cover curricular and extra-curricular choices. We also provide an Ipad for each family. The more students that enroll, the more options become available. 
    What is a "LC" or "Learning Coordinator"?
    Learning coordinator is another name for your child's teacher.
    What is a "cohort"?
    A cohort is the 3 hour class time your child will spend with their Learning Coordinator (teacher) each week. 
    When are the cohorts?
    Currently we offer 3 hour morning or afternoon cohorts 9am-noon or 1pm-4pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
    What will happen during the cohort? 
    The emphasis of this class is to fuel the fire for learning. Each teacher spends time weekly to plan for a cohort that is engaging and a catalyst for learning.  There is dedicated time for group activities and individual teacher interaction.  A focus is placed on improving reading and writing proficiency as well as various STEM activities. 
    How will the extra curricular options be determined? 
    The school will provide a number of extra-curricular options that may be paid for with the students allotment. These options are subsidized by the school and only cost $200 for a year or $100 for a semester. Examples include piano, guitar, strings, pottery, photography, 3D printing, animation and wood shop.  Musical instruments are also available to rent with the student’s allotment at a very reasonable rate.
    How do we establish our learning plan for the year? 
    The parents, student, and teacher will sit down before school starts and develop a personalized learning plan. This will be the start of a healthy relationship and partnership to promote the student's success. This meeting will identify curricular choices, (including assessments to ensure they are not started ahead or behind of their proficiency), extra-curricular choices, articulate modes of communication, and clearly identify expectations and responsibilities of all parties. This is designed to start all parties out on the same page as they work together to implement the learning plan.