• K-8 Program

  • Our K-8 program is designed to inspire a love for wisdom and learning both in cohort and at the family home.  Our K-8 program starts with an initial enrollment team meeting to collaborate on a personalized learning plan for the student. This meeting is intended for our enrollment team to consider specific interests, learning style, and academic goals of the student in order to make curricular and extra-curricular choices.

    We allow families to choose from a variety of preferred online and book based curricula or choose another curriculum that fits the goals and learning style of the student, as long as the curriculum is rigorous and approved by the enrollment team. In addition, families have many options in choosing one of our on campus extracurricular activities or choosing outside vendors for extracurriculars. The enrollment meetings are also intended to review/fill out paperwork, schedule reading and math placement tests, choose a cohort time, ask questions about the program and tour the campus. 

    Once enrolled, students will attend their morning or afternoon cohort from 9-12 or 1-4, respectively. The purpose of cohort is to fuel a love for wisdom and learning in a group setting. We often say cohort is intended to partner with families via activities that are harder to provide in a home-based school setting.  For example, cohort allows students to learn and engage with other students via group discussions, science labs, collaborative projects, hands-on activities, one-on-one instruction with the teacher, friendly competitive games and more. We feel cohort is a perfect partnership with families in their children’s education to truly inspire a love for learning and wisdom that lasts a lifetime.  

    Cohort also allows our highly qualified teachers to aid in the direct education of the student in their home-based learning.  Students submit weekly work performed at home to the teacher with the purpose of partnering in the core subjects. This weekly submission allows the teacher to be another voice in the child’s education for encouragement toward successes and help in areas needing improvement.  Our teachers love helping students increase their academic strengths and improve their weakness through this method. And our families and students love receiving this help and seeing student’s faces light up when goals are reached.

    During cohort, parents will have access to our Parent Center for relaxation and encouragement in the home-based learning process. Parents are encouraged to join the weekly parent center meeting to participate in workshops designed for encouragement, receive updates on school events and announcements and improve the overall home-based learning experience.  After the meeting, parents are encouraged to relax and enjoy conversation. This is possible because childcare is provided during this time for younger, non-school aged siblings.  We have designed this space and time for parents to “unplug,” enjoy a cup of coffee, and engage in adult conversations.