• Why BCA?

  • There are a multitude of reasons for parents and students to partner with BCA in the education of their children.

    Top 10 reasons:

    1. We have a passionate and contagious love for learning
    2. We love homeschool and homeschooling families
    3. We offer a FREE program without tuition
    4. We can offer dual credit to enable students to earn High School and College credit simultaneously and graduate with an Associate’s Degree, at no cost
    5. We provide parents passionate, licensed, high character teachers to help provide a high quality education for their children
    6. We offer an accredited diploma
    7. We provide flexible, high quality technology and curriculum choices
    8. We provide music instruction
    9. We provide each student one extracurricular activity of their interest
    10. We will help provide your students with a personalized learning plan