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BCA Staff Details


Kristen Bowman

5th-6th Grade LC


Ms. Bowman comes to Bridge Charter this year as a new LC, teaching both a 5th/6th grade blend as well as high school Biology labs. In running her own school last year, Ms. B witnessed first-hand how project-based learning works to inspire students to embrace newly acquired skills in a wholly unique manner prompting her to make the choice to move away from teaching more traditionally structured public school. Learning what makes each student come alive in their own educational journey, and then weaving that interest into a continuum of growth, is what drives her as a dedicated educator. A life-long learner herself, she has taught 1st -5th grades, adult classes and family groups for over 20 years. She has undergraduate degrees in Biology and Psychology, a Master’s in Education, an endorsement in English Speakers of Other Languages, and is halfway to a second master’s degree. An herbalist, plant forager, beekeeper, gardener, runner, reader, backpacker, Mama, wife and dog lover, her life adventures have fueled her love of learning and she hopes to inspire, support and care for your young learners this next school year. Please feel free to reach out to introduce yourself and share what inspires your family to be part of the BCA family!

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