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March 1st is the LAST day to enroll for the 23/24 school year.  🎉 OPEN ENROLLMENT for the 24/25 school year begins March 4th 

Tuition-free Public Charter School

Learn more about Bridge Charter Academy!

March 1st is the LAST day to enroll for the 23/24 school year (apply below)
Open enrollment for the 24/25 school year begins March 4th * 

Bridge Charter Academy is a tuition-free public charter school serving families in Lane County and Central Oregon. We're excited to partner with you to create a personalized learning plan for your student! Receive support and guidance from qualified educators and experience a weekly cohort with peers. Choose a curriculum that fits, check out technology and join field trips and engaging extracurricular classes!  Learn more About BCA HERE

In Oregon, once a school district has 3% or more of its students enrolled in a "virtual public charter school", it can deny requests. Bridge Charter Academy is not considered a virtual public charter school and this DOES NOT apply to our school - you may enroll at BCA regardless of the 3% rule.


K-8th Grade

Gain measurable academic growth each year. Learning Coordinators partner with you to create an educational plan with special focus on your child's learning style, interests, and academic goals in mind.

High School

Preparing students for college and career readiness. A High School Educational Coach partners with families to facilitate a four year educational plan that earns an accredited High School Diploma. Our College and Career center helps students plan for their future.

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New to Remote Learning?

If you are new to remote learning, you might be feeling a bit nervous or overwhelmed. That is a completely normal feeling! The benefit of joining our tuition-free, personalized learning charter school is having access to support and help every step of the way. You can do this!

BCA School Calendar

Family Reviews

"Bridge has provided a great place for my 1st grade homeschooler to get together with other kids and have mentor relationships with other adults. In addition, they provide extracurricular classes like violin, art and choir, and they offer free childcare for younger children while older kids are in their class. They have been easy to work with, without a lot of extra checking in and paperwork."

BCA Family Review

"This is our first time homeschooling and Bridge charter has help us along the way. They have a great staff that are flexible with our schedule and style of teaching. My younger child also enjoys the daycare they provide while I wait for my 6 year old. They both look fowards to come to class and learn. Our piano teacher is also amazing. We are definitely very happy to be part of Bridge Charter in bend."

BCA Family Review

"Bridge charter has been an amazing first step in to the school system for my kids. My kids very much enjoy the campus and the atmosphere. The staff and teachers are wonderful and very accommodating for our busy schedule."

BCA Family Review

"We LOVE Bridge!! Our boys love coming to their cohort every week! Their teacher is fantastic!! They have been super flexible and easy to work with. I cannot express how completely awesome they are and how satisfied we are with our choice!"

BCA Family Review

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