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High School Program

Our Bend and Lowell High School Program maximizes parental involvement for students through personalized learning that is rigorous, adaptive, and motivating to produce college and vocational readiness and offers offers an accredited diploma.

Four Year Plan

Families receive guidance when creating a  4-year personalized learning education plan. Parents implement the plan at home and/or in the community and BCA provides support.

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Students receive support from from an Educational Coach and Subject Area Specialists and have access to a Dual Enrollment Coordinator, the College Career & Wellness Center. Growth Team and SPED Services.

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Bridge Classes

BCA offers on-campus classes that students may take, either as supplemental to a curriculum, or for additional credit. Our offerings include science labs, writing concepts, and social studies.

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Academy Base Camp & Academy Timberline 

During the students cohort day, they will either attend Academy Base Camp (9th-10th grade) or Academy Timberline (11th-12th grade). This is a time to build community while learning career related skills and developing purpose and direction in life.

Dual Credit

Dual Credit is an academic option for students who want to take community college classes (at Lane Community College or Central Oregon Community College).



High School students have access to an $800 allotment to assist with educational purchases (enrichment classes, curriculum, extracurriculars, tutors, supplemental  materials, etc.).

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College, Career & Wellness Center

Our CCWC assists with academic guidance, career exploration, resumes, interviews,  college prep, internships, social, emotional, behavioral or academic issues. Learn more >


Parent Child/Sibling Childcare

BCA offers childcare services for siblings of enrolled students for 2 years - pre-k. Parents who use the childcare are required to remain on campus. 

High School Program Requirements:

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