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  • Does the "3% rule" apply at Bridge Charter Academy?
    In Oregon, once a school district has 3% or more of its students enrolled in a "virtual public charter school", it can deny requests. Bridge Charter Academy is not considered a virtual public charter school and this DOES NOT apply to our school - you may enroll at BCA regardless of the 3% rule.
  • Does BCA have a "wait list"?
    BCA will continue to accept applications and start a wait list if a class is full. For the most recent wait list information, please call our Lowell Campus at 541-937-5200 or our Bend Campus at 541-699-6925.
  • How do I access the Family Portal?
    Enrolled families can access the Family Portal through this link:
  • What is a Parent Liaison?
    Every enrolled student is assigned to a Parent Liaison. This is the person that helps with your student's file, account/allotment information, technology questions, general school information and other administrative needs.
  • What curriculum do students use?
    BCA partners with K-8 and High School parents to achieve rigorous and motivating instruction for their students when creating a personalized Planned Course of Study (PCS). The PCS is a year-long, academic plan designed by parents in collaboration with the Learning Coordinator. The PCS must cover the core-four subject areas and can be created with a curriculum of their choice: Language Arts: Reading, Writing & Composition, Grammar and Spelling (Optional for Kindergarten) Math Science Social Studies
  • Can I tour the campus before I enroll?
    Yes! Please email or call the Lowell Campus at 541-937-5200 or Bend Campus at 541-699-6925 to schedule a time to take a campus tour.
  • What is a "cohort"?
    A cohort is the 3-hour per week class students spend with their licensed teacher (learning coordinator) and peers. Class sizes have a 1:12 teacher-student ratio (K-8th grade) or 1:18 (High School). Together they will have an engaging, project-based learning experience. Each cohort will be comprised of a small pairing of combined grade-level students Lowell Campus grade bands: Kindergarten 1st-2nd grade 3rd-4th grade 5th-6th grade 7th-8th grade 9th-12th grade Bend Campus grade bands: Kindergarten - 2nd grade 3rd grade - 5th grade 6th grade - 8th grade 9th-12th grade
  • What is a "Learning Coordinator", an "Educational Coach" and a "Subject Area Specialist"?
    A Learning Coordinator (LC) is your K-8th grade child's cohort teacher. In High School a students cohort is called Academy Base Camp or Timberline, and their instructor during that time is called an "Educational Coach" (EC). The EC also meets with High School students in weekly Zoom meetings. A Subject Area Specialist is a High School teacher that teaches and is available for help and/or grades specific subjects.
  • What is an "allotment"?
    BCA is a tuition-free, public charter school. One resource made available to each K-12th grade student each year is an $800.00 allotment. Allotment funds are designed to assist with educational purchases. These funds can be used for an array of personalized learning options such as curriculum, fine arts courses, music classes, tutoring, supplemental education materials, and much more. *Student's must be following the program guidelines in order to use funds.
  • Is BCA accepting new students?
    Yes! We are enrolling for 2024-2025 Bend K-8 and Bend High School and Lowell K-8 and Lowell High School. In Oregon, once a school district has 3% or more of its students enrolled in a virtual public charter school, it can deny requests. Bridge Charter Academy is not considered a virtual public charter school and this does not apply to our school (you may enroll at BCA regardless of the 3% rule).
  • Who do I contact if I have more questions?
    You can email or call our campus Lowell Campus Monday through Friday between 9am-4pm at 541-937-5200 Bend Campus Tuesday through Thursday between 9am-4pm at 541-699-6925
  • What are your 23-24 Program Requirements?
    View K-8th Grade Program Requirements Here View High School Program Requirements Here
  • Where is the BCA campus located?
    Bridge Charter Academy is sponsored by the Lowell School District and currently has two campuses in Oregon: BCA Lowell Campus located at 60 S Pioneer St which serves families in Lane County (ph. 541-937-5200) for K-8 and High School. BCA Bend Campus located at 21610 NE Butler Market Rd which serves families in Central Oregon (ph. 541-699-6925) for Bend K-8 and Bend High School.
  • What is a tuition-free public charter school?
    "A charter school in Oregon is a public school operated by a group of parents, teachers and/or community members as a semi-autonomous school of choice within a school district. It is given the authority to operate under a contract or "charter" between the members of the charter school community and the local board of education (sponsor). Under Oregon law, a charter school is a separate legal entity operating under a binding agreement with a sponsor. A public charter school is subject to certain laws pertaining to school district public schools, is released from others and must operate consistent with the charter agreement."
  • Where can I learn more about BCA's Growth Team and Special Education (SPED) Services?
    Learn more about BCA's additional support services by clicking on the links below: - Growth Team Overview - SPED Services
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