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Learning Canvas

🚨  How to Log Into Canvas: watch video
How to find my student's email password and login information: view steps

Canvas Login Link:

Canvas Training Videos for K-8 Students (scroll down for High School steps)


Canvas is an online platform that BCA will begin using for the 22/23 school year. The primary focus this year will be using the tool to record attendance and to have a place for students to submit their quarterly science and social studies projects.


Learning Coordinators may develop elements for your student to engage or interact within their Canvas Courses. We encourage participation and sharing feedback about which parts you liked or what you would like to see. However, this year, all elements beyond daily attendance and submission of science and social studies projects are optional.


Please view the resources below to get to prepare and get to know more about Canvas:

K- 8 Video 1: Canvas Overview: Global Navigation and Course Navigation

There are two left navigation bars on the Canvas Screen:

1. "Global Navigation" column is dark grey with buttons on far left.

2. "Course Navigation" are blue links on the left side of the white background and these links will move you around inside your course


K-8 Video 2: How to Find Home and Attendance Quiz Availability 

Main Points:

  • The “Home” Link on the left side of the white-background section of the Canvas screen will always get you back to the Module View

  • Modules can be collapsed and expanded with the triangle on the left of the Module name to show details or hide details. The Modules can help you orient yourself in the course.

  • The Welcome Module has all the contact information for your LC.

  • The Science and Social Studies Project Modules is where you will find project options and also where you will submit those projects so that your LC can respond to them.

  • The icons mean the following:

    • Piece of paper without a pencil = page… just information for you to view

    • Piece of paper with a pencil = assignment. You will need so submit something for your LC to review and respond to

    • Airplane = quiz, you will answer a question and press the submit button

  • Daily Attendance Check Ins are only available for the time that you can check in for it to count for attendance

Screen Shot 2022-07-27 at 1.54.18 AM.png

K-8 Video 3: How to complete an Attendance Check In

Main Points:

  • Open the quiz on the day it is available 

  • Answer the question in the way that best fits that day

  • As long as you hit the submit button, you will be counted as present

  • Any of the answers are “correct,” even though it will show you a partial score

  • Your LC may provide an optional question that will allow your student to engage with your LC through the quiz

Screen Shot 2022-07-27 at 2.06.11 AM.png

K-8 Video 4:  Canvas To-Do List and Calendar View

Main Points:

  • The To-Do list is on the right-hand side of the page and lists items for you to view in chronological order.

  • The calendar view is accessed by clicking the “view course calendar” button at the upper right-hand side of the screen, above the To-Do list

  • You can get to the Attendance check Ins by clicking on the quiz in any of the following ways:

  • Module View

  • To-Do List

  • Calendar View

Screen Shot 2022-07-27 at 2.09.27 AM.png

Canvas Training Videos for High School Students

The training sessions are broken up in 7 different topics. Complete this training in order.

Screen Shot 2022-07-26 at 8.57.18 AM.png

Video Details: Navigation menus & features of a Canvas course.  Once logged in, Canvas takes students to their dashboard where they can see all courses they are currently enrolled in. Global Navigation is the green tool bar that is the furthest left on the screen. It includes the following buttons:

  • Account settings 

  • Dashboard 

  • Courses - quick list of all enrolled courses

  • Calendar 

  • Inbox - send and receive messages 

  • History (user history) 

  • Studio 

  • Help 


Course navigation is immediately to the right of Global Navigation. It includes features for a specific course. Buttons include:

  • Home - course home page or course modules

  • Discussions - list of all discussions for a course, if assigned 

  • Grades - gradebook where students can see individual assignment grades and total course grades

  • People - list of all people associated with the course, including teachers and students 

  • Pages - list of web pages associated with the course. Homepage is the first page a student will see if a course has a homepage. Click the View All Pages button in the upper left to view a list of all web pages associated with the course.  

  • Files - a list of files associated with the course 

  • Syllabus - a list of the courses assignments with due dates

  • Quizzes - a list of all quizzes associated with the course 

  • Modules - a list of all modules associated with a course 

  • BigBlueButton - not active 

  • Collaborations - not active 

  • Google Drive - link 

  • Canvas to Google Drive for file upload 

  • Office 365 - link Canvas to Google Drive for file upload 

Screen Shot 2022-07-27 at 1.25.52 AM.png

Video Details: Modules are an organizational tool that helps subject area specialists structure course content by week. Modules help simplify student navigation through a course and ensure a sequential flow of content. To get to the modules of a course, click Modules in course navigation. Or if the course does not have a homepage, Modules are the first thing that pops up when a student logs in to the course on Canvas. 


Modules organize course content by a week. Each module corresponds to a particular week in the academic calendar. 


Students complete modules in chronological order starting with the syllabus module. They work their way down through the modules. 


Modules include text instructions for the student to follow, quizzes, assignments, and discussions. Due dates for each are also located in the module. 
Icons differentiate quizzes, assignments, and discussions. Text instructions have no icon. 


  • Quizzes = airplane icon

  • Assignments = paper and pencil icon 

  • Discussions = comment bubble icon 


Keep in mind that you can access all quizzes, assignments, and discussions in a course by clicking the respective button in course navigation, but modules also house all of them in order in which they are due.  

Modules effectively function as a course pacing guide

Screen Shot 2022-07-27 at 1.40.55 AM.png

Video 3: Syllabus

Video Details: A syllabus is an outline for the course, which includes subject area specialist contact information, course features, course mechanics, academic honesty policy, grading, late work policy and course pacing. The syllabus is an extremely important part of a course at BCA high school. Students are required to read the course syllabus in the syllabus module at the start of the course.

  • Syllabus has two different parts in Canvas:

  1. Syllabus in course navigation 

  2. Syllabus page

  • If you click syllabus in course navigation, it will show you all of the assignments of the course, assignment due dates, a calendar, and assignment categories with total course grade percentage 

  • The Syllabus page includes information about what to read in the course syllabus and a link to the actual course syllabus. All BCA High School Courses have a Syllabus page in Canvas. Students must read the syllabus at the start of the course. Students can access the Syllabus page in one of two ways:

A. Click pages in course navigation. 

Step 1. Click to view all pages, if the homepage pops up first 

Step 2. Click the syllabus page 

Step 3. Click the syllabus link located at the bottom

B. Click modules in course navigation 

Step 1. Locate the Syllabus Module located at the top of the modules page 

Step 2. Click the syllabus page 

Step 3. Click the syllabus link located at the bottom 

Step 4. Return to the syllabus module

Step 4. Click on the Syllabus Review quiz 

Step 5. Click Take Quiz.

Step 6. Answer the question and click submit quiz in bottom left corner

  • Please note that students must read the course syllabus located in the syllabus page before they start the course. They also must take the syllabus review quiz to indicate that they read the syllabus.  

Screen Shot 2022-07-27 at 1.40.55 AM.png

Video 4: Assignments

Video Details: An assignment is specific coursework that, most of the time, a student needs to turn in. 

  • Assignment button in course navigation brings you to the assignments page, which lists every assignment due in the course. Students can turn in assignments from this page, but they will most likely turn them in from the modules page. Students can follow the steps below on how to turn in assignments below from both the assignments and module pages.  

  • How to turn in an assignment 

    • Step 1. Find the assignment that you want to turn in

    • Step 2. Click the assignment 

    • Step 3. Review instructions for the assignment and scoring rubric

    • Step 4. Click on New Attempt in the upper right hand corner.

    • Step 5. Notice the various ways you can turn in the assignment listed in blue above the submit assignment button (i.e., file upload, text submission, studio, Google Drive, Office 365). File upload turns in a file from your computer, text submission allows the user to type a response directly in Canvas, studio allows the user to turn in multimedia from Canvas Studio, Google Drive turns in a file from your Google Drive, and Office 365 turns in a file from your Office 365 account. 

    • Step 6. Select the appropriate way to turn in the assignment. Attach files from computer, Google Drive, Office 365, if need be. 

    • Step 7. Click Submit Assignment. 

    • Refer to the Submitted! Icon in the upper right corner to confirm submission. 

    • Assignments are also housed in modules for students to access as they work their way through the course (see modules video) 

Screen Shot 2022-07-27 at 1.40.55 AM.png

Video 5: Grades (part 1)   (part 2)

Video Details: The grades feature allows students to see their grade for an individual assignment, feedback and a scoring rubric for an individual assignment and their total course grade. 

  • Click Grades in the course navigation to access the grades page

  • The grades page lists all of the individual assignments for the course. In columns, it lists the assignment name, due date, status, score and [points] “out of”. 

  • Score column indicates the student's point score and “out of” indicates the total possible points for the assignment. 

  • Click the clipboard icon next to the “out of” column in an individual assignment to see how you scored on the rubric for the assignment. 

  • Click the comment bubble next to the out “out of” column to see written feedback from the instructor 

  • The right side of the screen has the student’s total course grade as a percentage 

  • Students have the ability to input a test score to an assignment that the teacher has not yet graded. 

    • Step 1. Click the Grades button in course navigation. 

    • Step 2. Locate the specific assignment you want to input a test score 

    • Step 3. Click on the paper icon in the score column 

    • Step 4. Type in the test score. 

    • Step 5. Refer to your total course grade to see how the test score impacts your overall course grade 

Screen Shot 2022-07-27 at 1.40.55 AM.png

Video 6: Pages

Video Details: Pages are a place where instructors load content, links, resources, etc. that do not directly pertain to an assignment, discussion, or quiz. Think of them as mini webpages for the Canvas course. 

  • To access all of the pages in a course, go to course navigation and click the pages button (five down from the top) 

  • If the course has a homepage, then this will be the first page you see after clicking pages in course navigation. If the course does not have a homepage, then you will see a list of all pages associated with the course. 

  • To access a page, click its title in blue 

  • All BCA HS courses have a syllabus page that has a copy of the course syllabus and instructions of what to read 

  • Pages are also housed within modules for students to access as they make their way through the course. 

Screen Shot 2022-07-27 at 1.40.55 AM.png

Video 6: Discussions

Video Details:  Discussions offer students the opportunity to respond to a prompt and then reply to each others’ responses in a digital discussion format. Not all BCA high school courses have discussions. Refer to the syllabus and modules to see if the course assigns discussions. 

  • Click Discussions in course navigation to pull up the discussions page which lists all the assigned discussions in the course. Students will mostly complete discussions from the modules page, but they can complete them from the discussions page if they so choose. Follow the instructions below for both submission options. 

  • Instructions to complete a discussion in Canvas

    • Step 1. Find the specific discussion to complete. 

    • Step 2. Click the discussion. Read the discussion instructions and prompt. 

    • Step 3. Click the reply button directly beneath the instructions

    • Step 4. Type in your response to the prompt. 

    • Step 5. Click post reply in the button right corner beneath the text box.

  • Instructions to reply to another student’s response 

    • Step1. Locate the student response that you want to reply to 

    • Step 2. Click Reply directly beneath their response 

    • Step 3. Type your reply. 

    • Step 4. Click Post reply in the bottom right corner 

  • Discussions are also housed in modules for students to access as they work their way through the course (see modules video) 

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